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Appetizer spring rolls with chicken

Appetizer spring rolls with chicken

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Place the seasoned chicken strips on the grill and turn them on both sides until lightly browned. Then leave them to cool.

Cut the vegetables lengthwise into thin sticks.

Put water in a saucepan and soften one sheet of rice at a time, about 10-15 seconds, no more, to remain firm. If you hold it too long in water, it softens too much and breaks when you roll the packages.

On the spread rice sheet, place sticks of variously colored vegetables, chicken strips, season with a little salt and finely chopped herbs.

Roll the side with the vegetables, then catch the edges, fold them over the vegetables and roll to the end, making sure that all the ingredients remain well wrapped. Fixed like sarmalute. ;)

It seems harder at first, but from the second, the third package, they will come out perfectly.

Play with the ingredients as you like, combine them as you wish.

Cut them in half, place them on a plate. Serve them with soy sauce and spicy sweet sauce.

Enjoy your meal!