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6 Fast Food Restaurants Vegetarians Love

6 Fast Food Restaurants Vegetarians Love

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These fast food chains offer solid options for vegetarians

With more than 7.2 million vegetarians in the U.S., fast food chains are figuring out how to serve them too

Various thoughts race through your head while you approach the counter at a fast food restaurant. How much should I order? Should I go with the value menu or a combo? What size combo? One thought that probably doesn’t occur to you is whether or not a vegetarian would want to eat here — unless you're a vegetarian. Check out these six fast food restaurants with great options for vegetarians.

6 Fast Food Restaurants Vegetarians Love (Slideshow)

Vegetarians abstain from eating meat, such as red meat, poultry, seafood, and the flesh of any other animal. There are various reasons for choosing the lifestyle, such as respect for sentient life, religion, and dietary restrictions. There are varying levels of commitment to the diet, too, from vegan (abstaining from all animal products such as eggs and milk) to semi-vegetarian (fish or other meats are allowed on occasion).

About 7.3 million people follow a vegetarian-based diet in this country. That is more than three percent of the adults in the U.S., according to a survey conducted by the Harris Interactive Service Bureau.

“The vegetarian sector is one of the fastest-growing categories in food publishing,” said Elizabeth Turner, Vegetarian Times’ editor in chief on her website. “It’s a dedicated group of consumers that is growing daily.”

Fast food companies in the U.S raked in more then in $199 billion dollars in 2014 and that yearly average is only expected to climb in the future, according to Some companies are deciding to try and cater to a growing population of vegetarians. Here are six fast food restaurants vegetarians love.