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Polar's Unicorn Kisses Seltzer Is Back in The Most Magical Way

Polar's Unicorn Kisses Seltzer Is Back in The Most Magical Way

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The limited-edition line-up includes three other mythical flavors

Following the monumental success of Unicorn Kisses, Polar Beverages has added three brand new limited-edition "mythical bubblies" to their line-up of Impossibly Good seltzers.

Mermaid Songs, Dragon Whispers, and Yeti Mischief are made to “chill consumers and leverage the unmet demand for sparkle and happiness,” Polar said in a press release.

And — back by popular demand — Unicorn Kisses will grace the grocery store shelves alongside its 8-ounce fairytale friends.

Every can boasts charming illustrations in vibrant color: royal purple fire-breathing dragons, contrasting forest greens, and pop-art pink scales. And in the “spirit of corporate transparency,” the origin of each new junior can is noted on the packaging. The company confirms all locations are native to New England.

“From the tree-tops of the Green Mountains to Cape Cod’s coastline, these beautiful creatures are finally getting their due,” Polar said.

Polar has yet to release the names of retailers who will carry the mythical creature line, but if you can’t wait, six packs are available for purchase on EBay. There’s even a 1-liter bottle of Unicorn Kisses posted for $80.

Want to know what each flavor tastes like before breaking the bank? The staff at Boston Magazine had their own magical taste-test.

The general consensus was of approval for Yeti Mischief. Staffers compared the smell and taste to that of Hawaiian Punch “… only not so sweet. And tangy. And also citrusy.” Dragon Whispers was “just okay.” It’s odor seemed on par with Pixy Stix, but upon first sip revealed notes of strawberry and tropical fruits. As far as Mermaid Songs goes, it “received a resounding thumbs down.” It reportedly tasted like a cross between Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish, and “depending who you ask, there might be ‘some pine in there.’”

Polar Beverages limited edition mythical seltzers became available in stores on August 1, while supplies last.

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